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About Us

Our Goal: Provide London travelers with the fastest, easiest way to search multiple hotel deals.

Our History: After over 12 years in the travel industry -- as both travel agents and wholesalers -- we learned that being a reseller of any type meant never being able to really offer our customers the lowest possible price 100% of the time. While prices aren't everything, and we tried to set ourselves apart with the best customer service we could provide, we still felt guilty when we booked someone a hotel stay, knowing full well that one of our competitors could have possibly saved them a little money. We decided it was time to reassess our business model.

Our New Business Model: To truly offer our customers the best possible service meant finding them the best deal. After all, a hotel room at a particular hotel is the same whether it's booked through a local travel agent, the hotel direct, or a website, right? So, it was just a matter of finding the right hotel to fit a customer's needs and then finding the best price for that hotel. Simple enough. Now when you use the search feature on our main page, we do all the hard work for you. You enter your criteria one time and we will search the most popular hotels in London for you and provide you with the most relevant results, which you can filter (based on price range, star rating, etc.) and even view on a map to make sure you are exactly where you want to be! Once you find the right hotel, click on it and we'll provide you with up to 30 resellers for that hotel, sorted by lowest to highest price.

Meeting Our Goal: To give you an idea of how much time this saves, let's take a look at what's really happening with this search feature. You enter your arrival and departure dates, number of guests, and number of rooms one time and then let us search the hotel resellers in real time. At the time of this writing, there are 1,340 hotels in London that we search. We also search up to 30 resellers for each hotel to find you the best possible price. So, by entering your information one time, we actually complete a search with over 40,000 hotel prices. Now that is offering the fastest, easiest way for travelers to find a hotel deal in London, don't you think?